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Are you struggling to maximize your return on investment (ROI) with ServiceTitan software? Titan Pro Technologies offers a groundbreaking solution that connects you with fully trained ServiceTitan Certified specialists who intimately understand your business. As a member, you'll gain direct access to a treasure trove of benefits. Plus, your ServiceTitan Provider transforms into a proactive asset, continuously fine-tuning your ServiceTitan instance and coaching your employees in the best practices of data implementation.
Whether you need assistance in ironing out existing workflows and processes or in creating new ones to enhance productivity, as a Titan Pro member, you'll have a dedicated partner in your corner, dedicated to fueling your growth and providing peace of mind for scaling your business.

Path to Private Equity Plan: Transforming Your Business for Success

Are you aiming to optimize your business’s potential and attract private equity investment? Titan Pro Technologies offers a structured and guided journey for businesses seeking to excel in this endeavor. 

Path to Private Equity Plan Custom Services:

Tailored to your unique business needs, these services go beyond the ordinary. We’re not just software experts; we’re here to optimize your operations, iron out processes, and enhance productivity. Optimize your exit and attract private equity investment by showcasing sustainable growth potential, efficient operations, and an irresistible value proposition. A structured and guided journey for businesses seeking to attract private equity investment and navigate the process successfully.


  • All Custom Services Mentioned in the Diamond Package: A comprehensive package to meet your business’s specific requirements.
  • Custom Reporting: Tailored reports that provide the data and insights you need to make informed decisions and track performance.
  • Custom Dashboards: Visualize data in ways that make sense for your business, ensuring you get the insights that matter.
  • Custom Forms: Streamline your processes with forms designed to fit your business’s unique workflow.
  • Custom Automations: Optimize your workflows and reduce manual tasks with tailored automations that improve efficiency.
  • Zapier Integration Automations: Seamlessly connect ServiceTitan with your favorite apps to enhance your operations.
  • Establishing Accounting Workflows and Best Practices with Automations: Ensure your financial processes run smoothly with tailored automation.
  • PDF and Video Recorded SOPs for Best Practices Inside of ServiceTitan: Access training materials that suit your team’s learning preferences.
  • Onboarding, Implementation, and Optimization of ServiceTitan: Make the most of your software with our hands-on support.


Onboarding, Implementation and Optimization of ServiceTitan

  • Technician and Office User Coaching, Training, and Support: Empower your team with the knowledge they need for success.
  • CSR / Dispatch: Enhance customer service and streamline dispatch operations.
  • Service Technicians: Optimize technician workflows and ensure the best practices are in place.
  • Install Technicians: Elevate the installation process and make it more efficient.
  • Install Coordinators: Ensure a seamless coordination process.
  • Sub Contractors: Efficiently manage your subcontractors.
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable: Streamline financial processes for efficiency.
  • Vendor Management: Manage your vendors effectively.
  • Permissions: Ensure proper access control.
  • Reporting: Get the data and insights you need to track performance and make informed decisions.
  • Dashboards: Visualize data in ways that make sense for your business, ensuring you get the insights that matter.
  • Task Management: Streamline task assignment and management.
  • Financing Setup and Configuration: Optimize your financing processes.
  • Business Units: Manage different business units seamlessly.
  • Job Types: Streamline your job types for maximum efficiency.
  • Tags, Triggers, and Alerts: Enhance your communication and monitoring.
  • Job Costing Setup and Configuration: Optimize your job costing processes.
  • ServiceTitan Customer Data Conversion and Review: Ensure the integrity of your customer data.
  • Configurable Payroll: Optimize your payroll operations.
  • Advanced Capacity Planning: Plan your capacity efficiently.
  • Phones Pro: Enhance your phone operations.
  • Dispatch Pro: Optimize your dispatch operations.
  • ServiceTitan Marketing Pro: Elevate your marketing strategies.
  • Pricebook Pro: Efficiently manage your pricebook.
  • Inventory: Optimize your inventory management.

Pricebook Build-out, Optimization, and Enhancements

  • Comprehensive Service & Repair Pricebook: Maximize your service and repair offerings.
  • Equipment Retrofit and Other Installation Pricebooks: Streamline equipment retrofit and installation operations.
  • Dynamic or Specific Pricing Management: Fine-tune your pricing.
  • Estimate and Proposal Templates: Enhance your estimates and proposals.
  • Item Customer-Facing Images: Make an impact with customer-facing images.
  • Linked Materials and Equipment: Streamline your material and equipment processes.
  • Materials with Vendor-Specific Details for Replenishment and POs Management: Efficiently manage your materials.

By joining Titan Pro Technologies, you unlock a partner dedicated to transforming your business, ensuring it thrives in the ever-competitive landscape. Contact us today and embark on a journey towards business excellence.

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