Introducing the Titan Pro Technologies Gold Plan

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Struggling to achieve the maximum ROI from your ServiceTitan software? Discover the unparalleled advantages of retaining a highly trained ServiceTitan Certified specialist through Titan Pro Technologies. Benefit from direct access to our member-exclusive perks. Moreover, our ServiceTitan Provider will transform into a proactive asset, consistently fine-tuning your ServiceTitan and training your team in data implementation best practices. Whether it's streamlining and documenting existing workflows and processes or innovating new ones for heightened productivity, as a Titan Pro member, you secure a dedicated growth partner committed to your business's expansion and scalability.
Unlock a world of customized solutions and personalized support tailored to your unique business needs. As a Gold member of Titan Pro Technologies, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of services and tools designed to optimize your experience with ServiceTitan software.

Custom Services

  • Custom Reporting: Tailor your reports to extract the most relevant insights for your business.
  • Custom Dashboards: Craft dashboards that provide real-time visibility into key performance metrics.
  • Custom Forms: Design forms that streamline your processes and capture data efficiently.
  • PDF and Video Recorded SOPs: Create detailed Standard Operating Procedures for ServiceTitan.


Onboarding, Implementation, and Optimization

  • Coaching, Training & Support: Our team of experts will provide you with one-on-one coaching and training to make sure you’re comfortable and confident using ServiceTitan. We’re here to support you every step of the way.
  • Dashboards: Learn how to utilize ServiceTitan dashboards effectively. Access key data, monitor performance, and gain insights to make informed decisions for your home service business.
  • Calls: Understand the call tracking and management features in ServiceTitan. This includes call recording, tracking missed calls, and ensuring you never miss an opportunity to connect with your clients.
  • Schedule: Optimize your scheduling process. Learn how to efficiently manage appointments, assign technicians, and keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Dispatch: ServiceTitan’s dispatch tools are incredibly powerful. We’ll guide you on how to dispatch your technicians efficiently and improve overall service delivery.
  • Accounting: Gain insights into ServiceTitan’s accounting capabilities. Learn how to manage invoices, expenses, and ensure your financial records are accurate and up to date.
  • Purchasing: Discover how to streamline your purchasing process within ServiceTitan. Efficiently manage your inventory and order supplies when you need them.
  • Follow Up: ServiceTitan allows you to automate customer follow-ups. Learn how to use this feature to enhance client relations and drive repeat business.
  • Reports: We’ll help you understand how to generate and interpret various reports to track your performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Pricebook: Maximize your pricing strategy with the Pricebook feature. Set, manage, and update your service offerings to stay competitive in your market.
  • Settings: Customize ServiceTitan to align with your business’s specific needs. We’ll guide you through the system settings for optimal efficiency.
  • Memberships: Learn how to implement and manage membership programs effectively. Encourage customer loyalty and recurring revenue through ServiceTitan.
  • Payroll: Manage your technicians’ payroll seamlessly within the system. Keep track of hours, commissions, and ensure your team is compensated accurately.
  • Phones: Integrate your phones with ServiceTitan for efficient call management. Understand how to handle client inquiries and requests effectively.
  • Task Management: Stay organized and manage tasks efficiently. Utilize ServiceTitan’s task management capabilities to streamline your operations.

Pricebook Build-out and Optimization

  • Comprehensive Service & Repair Pricebook: Ensure your service and repair pricing is competitive.
  • Equipment Retrofit and other Installation Pricebooks: Accurately price installation services.
  • Dynamic or Specific Pricing Management: Tailor your pricing to each situation.
  • Estimate and Proposal Templates: Create professional and branded estimates and proposals.
  • Item Customer facing Images: Enhance customer experience with visual representations.
  • Linked Materials and Equipment: Efficiently manage materials and equipment.
  • Materials with Vendor Specific Details: Simplify replenishment and PO management.

Experience the benefits of the Gold Plan and take your business to the next level with Titan Pro Technologies. With the Titan Pro Technologies Gold Plan, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to optimize your home service business operations with ServiceTitan. Let’s embark on this journey together and take your business to new heights. We’re here to support your success every step of the way.

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